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Travelers Philanthropy/ Filantropía del viajero

Little donations, big differences:

The Traveler’s Philanthropy pilot Project, lead by the Monteverde Institute, has come to an end to move on forward and become the “Fondo Comunitario Monteverde”.

The idea of this Project was with the help of local businesses to get funds and participation from the tourism sector for community projects.

Thanks to the support of many collaborators the board of the Community Center of Santa Elena Monteverde has been able to make important structural changes.

This first stage has been an important learning experience and the project has grown and is now ready to become independent.

Pequeñas donaciones, grandes diferencias:

El plan piloto de Filantropía del viajero, liderado por el Instituto Monteverde ha llegado a  su fin para convertirse finalmente en el “Fondo Comunitario Monteverde”.

La idea de este proyecto era con la ayuda de empresas locales conseguir fondos y participación del turismo para proyectos comunitarios.

Gracias al apoyo de muchos colaboradores el Centro Multi-uso comunitario de Santa Elena Monteverde ha podido hacer cambios estructurales de gran importancia.

Esta primer etapa ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje muy importante esencial en el crecimiento e independencia de este proyecto.

Outdoor Classroom

The newest addition to our campus, the Outdoor Classroom. A truly collaborative effort between local builders, the Sustainable Futures Program, the Goucher-Mount Holyoke Program and the Living Routes Program, along with staff and volunteers has meant a unique and beautiful classroom space. Serving as the focal point to a larger garden project, the classroom will be available to all members of the Monteverde Institute community. It has been designed to be multi-functional and can transform from an traditional academic space to a yoga/meditation studio, an outdoor lab, or a simple, peaceful refuge from the rain. The construction has showcased artisanal building techniques combined with alternative materials, including non-native woods harvested from MVI land and recycled glass bottles from the community. We invite everyone to come and see it! Or visit us on Facebook for even more great pictures through the different phases of the project.