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Education and research in a sustainable and peaceful community / Educación e investigación en una comunidad sostenible y pacífica - Monteverde, Costa Rica.

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Monitoreo de murciélagos en Dwight and Rachel Crandell Memorial Reserve

Monitoreo de murciélagos en Dwight and Rachel Crandell Memorial Reserve por Wim (Vino) de Baker y Fabio Araya.

 --- Los Quirópteros (gr. ‘manos aladas’) han sido muy poco conocidos en la historia humana, han sido mal interpretados, asociados a muchos mitos y leyendas principalmente por sus hábitos nocturnos y por la relación de los medios con Drácula y otros cuentos de ‘vampiros’

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Synthetic and Organic Lettuce Fertilizers- Fertilizantes orgánicos y sintéticos

We are always trying to down grade costs. Farmers, especially, who focus on maximizing their yields and profits for the labor, energy, and supplies they put in, need reliable, cost-efficient sources of fertilizer.           

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Combating Coffee Rust (Hemileia vastatrix)- Combatiendo la Roya

Combating Coffee Rust: Coffee Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) damages coffee leaves and leads to defoliation, and can seriously reduce yields. While chemical fungicides have been effective, they introduce dangers to human health and the environment. Naturally occurring hyperparasitic fungi do not present the same risks, and may be a more sustainable alternative. 

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Square out the Details

Right behind the Monteverde Institute you can find yourself immerse in a forest full of wonders and amazing diversity. Nature, as is life, is full of details; some look for the obvious, but in nature many times the magic can also be subtler. These are photos taken from a 15-minute hike in “Wonderland”. I hope someday to share the wonders of exploring nature with more time!

“Costa Rica contains over 500,000 species- or 4% of al species estimated to exist Worldwide. The entire United States, by comparison, has half the number of species that live in Costa Rica, with 200 times more land, and, thousands of species still await Discovery.” Trend Larsen

With this I would like to invite you to visit two interesting places that are part of the Institute:

32-Acre Campus:

“The Monteverde Institute’s 32-acre campus is located in the heart of the Monteverde community, adjacent to the historic Monteverde Cheese Factory.  The campus backs up to hundreds of acres of lush protected cloud forest.  The foot print for classrooms and administrative office is intentionally kept small and the buildings themselves incorporate the best building practices for sustainability in our tropical climate including treatment of grey water and rain water, use of biodegradable products in our kitchens and restrooms, use of high efficacy and available lighting, composting and recycling. 

Dwight & Rachel Crandell Memorial Reserve

During their lifetimes, Dwight & Rachel Crandell were much loved conservationists and supporters of the Monteverde Institute and the Monteverde Zone in general.  Following his passing in 2008 and her passing in 2010, the Monteverde Institute, in partnership with the Costa Rican Conservation Foundation (FCC), has turned what was once land owned by the Institute into a conservation land trust administered by the FCC. This 32-acre area is formally known as the Dwight and Rachel Crandell Memorial Reserve and is home to a network of hiking trails through primary and secondary cloud forest.  The property is bordered by Bosque Eternal.”

by: Selena Avendaño MVI


Justo detrás del Instituto te puedes encontrar emergido en una bosque lleno de maravillas y una diversidad espectacular. La naturaleza, como la vida, está llena de detalles; algunos buscan lo obvio, pero naturalmente  la magia puede ser a veces más sutil. Estas son fotografías tomadas en una caminata de 15 minutos en “el País de las Maravillas”. Espero algún día poder compartir la maravilla de explorar la naturaleza con más tiempo. 

por: Selena Avendaño MVI

COMIRES Monteverde

-Waste management committee -Comité de manejo Integral de Residuos Sólidos

Three years ago in Monteverde there was no recycling program for the community. There were certain hotels and businesses that offered their customers this option, however it was not open to the community. In 2010 a group of members form the community got together with the local governmental counsel and different local entities, including a representative of the Monteverde Institute, to try to create a long term program for solid waste Management (not only recycling) designed to help with the different community sectors: tourism, schools, community, businesses. This program is run by the local government with help from volunteers and has now all but finished the investigation on how solid waste is managed in Monteverde and has come up with a program design. While this was happening this committee, called COMIRES Monteverde has been organizing monthly recycling pick-ups, helped build the recycling center, and searched for funds to start an educational system.   //// Hace Tres años en Monteverde no había un programa de reciclaje para la comunidad.  Habían ciertos hoteles y empresas que sí le ofrecían esta opción a sus clientes, sin embargo no eran abiertas a la comunidad. En el 2010 una grupo de miembros de la comunidad se reunió con representantes del gobierno local y diferentes entidades locales, incluyendo un representando del Instituto Monteverde, para solicitar crear un programa a largo plazo para el manejo de residuos sólidos (no solo reciclaje) diseñado para abarcar los diferentes sectores de nuestra comunidad: turismo, escuelas, comunidad, empresas. Este programa es manejado por parte del gobierno local con ayuda de los voluntarios y está apunto de terminar su investigación en cómo son manejados los residuos sólidos en Monteverde y contiene un diseño del programa de manejo. Mientras se hacia este estudio el comité, llamado COMIRES Monteverde a estado organizando recolecciones mensuales, a ayudado a construir el Centro de Reciclaje y ayudado encontrar los fondos para el programa educacional.